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Honduras La Balastrera


The Morning Fix

Our first Honduras coffee is here! Expect notes of juicy peach, subtle apricot, honey and vanilla dancing around your tongue. 

Best brewed as Espresso or V60.


REGION: Ocotepeque, Honduras

ROAST: Medium-Dark




Jaime Mauricio was practically born in his parents’ Finca, La Balastrera. He has known this farm since before he was able to walk, and he recalls playing hide and seek, walking around and watering the coffee plants in what he, at the time, felt was an endlessly large piece of land. Growing up, he realised that his parents’ finca was anything but endlessly large. In fact, La Balastrera is a very tiny plot of land, and the amount of coffee produced by his parents was just about enough to allow the family to get by. Read more about the story here.

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