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Where do you source your coffee?
Every season we hand pick the best speciality coffee from independent farmers in South America. Some countries from where we source right now are Peru, Brazil, Colombia and Honduras.
We are always trying to expand our coffee horizons and will be looking to introduce new countries in the near future.
How do you roast your coffee
After outsourcing our green beans we are testing the coffee through a cupping process and creating a special roasting profile for each coffee - where each speciality roast has its own roasting recipe. This allows us to keep consistency of quality and taste.
Grinding in a nutshell
Every brewing device requires a special grind to give your coffee ability to fully open up its flavours. Let’s say if the grind is too big for your Moka, the coffee in your cup will highly likely end up a bit bitter and not as smooth.
So how do you pick the right grind?
If you are not grinding your beans at home (which is a completely different story), you need to pick the grind specific for your brew method.
We simplified our grind for the most commonly used brew; moka and filter.
Moka Pot requires a finer grind to build a more intense taste when the steam goes through it, producing a perfect espresso shot.
Filter grind will suit any type of coffee brewed through filter i.e. Chemex, v60, filter cones and cafetiere. The grind will be larger to absorb more water during the first pour and to give out all the flavours when you pour the second time.
Decaffeination process?
Sometimes we hit those days when we realise that we need to take a beat on drinking coffee.
If your addiction is way above 10 cups of coffee a day, maybe it's time to see what decaf coffee is all about.
What you get is no caffeine, but the perfect taste of coffee. Coffee without caffeine – mind blowing!
It all happens in three steps:
STEAMING – green beans are first steamed to remove the skin. Then coffee is moistened in hot water to break down and separate chemicals that build up caffeine.
EXTRACTING – while the chemicals are being released it goes through the washing process, which needs to be done several times, by then at least 97% of caffeine is removed, but by the time the coffee is roasted there won’t be any trace of caffeine left.
POST-PROCESS – the beans are then sent into a vacuum drying drums to remove all the water applied.
Subscriptions in a nutshell
We know how much coffee means to people. Our subscription is aimed to keep you caffeine dosage high! Our subscription allows you to customise your grind or keep the coffee as a whole bean. You can then choose the delivery frequency and how many bags of coffee you will need.

All of this information is fully amendable, you can chuck extra coffee or skip a delivery during your subscription. Replace your “Chosen coffee” with a “surprise delivery” of our limited single-origins or change from one type of coffee to another.
How do you roast your coffee
We have a Rolling Subscription, 3 months and 6 months. With a rolling subscription you get to cancel whenever you want no strings attached, free delivery and saving you 19% spent money in the long run.
3 months gives you free delivery, one time access to 15% discount on all our products and you save 24% on coffee.
6 months gives you free delivery, a choice of a gift from any brew products on the check out and a save of 29%.
How can I cancel/change/amend
All the amendments can be made directly through your account. If you are experiencing difficulties amending/changing or canceling your order please contact us on
3 months and 6 months subscription will allow you to only skip a delivery as those subscriptions are pre-paid in advance.
Can I change the amount of coffee I receive and frequency of my delivery?
You can make those changes on your account, but as we are trying to currently perfect our system some functions might be disabled, in that case please get in touch with our customer service team over
When does my first order start
We are roasting our coffee over the weekend and your first delivery will always begin on a Tuesday with our first dispatch that we send out.
How are you shipping subscriptions
Just like the rest of our orders our subscriptions are shipped First Class through Royal Mail.
My subscription didn't arrive
Have you lost your beans? Please get in touch with us on and we will be able to locate your order.
Delivery / dispatch time
We aim to get our coffee to you as soon as possible. Our dispatch time is usually within 48 hours. Your parcel will be delivered to your designated address by Royal Mail.
Where do we ship
For now, we only ship within the UK. Please contact via email to arrange international shipping.
We are working on getting our European delivery running ASAP, keep an eye out on social or subscribe to our email to get more info.
Cost of shipping
We try to keep our cost of shipping as low as possible. Some London deliveries might be delivered to you personally by us on our electric scooters!
Our standard cost for delivery (bag of a is £1.50, however if you add more into your checkout the price changes as the goods are heavier)
How is it shipped
Incidents can happen during postage that are out of our control and if the goods or the equipment purchased on our e-shop has arrive damage please let us know on within the 14 days of purchase and we will sort out the return for you.
Product returns
Incidents can happen during postage that are out of our control and if the goods or the equipment purchased on our e-shop has arrive damage please let us know on within the 14 days of purchase and we will sort out the return for you.
Coffee returns
Although we understand that every taste is different, coffee is a consumable product and once the packaging has been opened we will not accept it back. A refund may be in place if the packed coffee had arrived faulty or damaged. Please get in touch with us once the product is delivered and we will try assist you with the issue -
My order has arrived damaged HELP
For damaged products like - brew kits, mugs, cups and merchandise, please get in touch with us on within 14 days of receiving the product.
If the packaging of your coffee was damaged or faulty please get in touch immediately once it arrives so our Customer Service can assist you further -
My order hasn’t arrived yet
Our dispatch time is within 48 hours and the delivery time is within 2-3 days, subject to change during public holidays.
If within 5 days you still haven't received your order get in touch with us and we will assist you further!
How do you store my card information?
As a company we do not hold any card information, all data is securely stored and protected via our payment system - Stripe. You can further read their privacy policy here.
What payment methods?
We accept ApplePay, Visa and Mastercard.
GDPR Compliance
Personal information is private. We will not store your personal data unless you have received products from VAXX or subscribed to our mailing list. If you ever feel uncomfortable with us being in touch with you please contact us on .
What are they made from?
Our pods are 100% plastic free and made from a recyclable material with characteristics of being biodegradable and compostable.
Basically, they can be thrown into organic waste and within 3 – 6 months they will be decomposed.
What type of machine do they fit?
Our pods are fully Nespresso® compatible, the design resembles the original Nespresso capsules and are guaranteed to work everytime

You can always find us online and on social media.

But we have a few spots where you can touch and smell our product.

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2 Love Tea & Coffee House
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2 Love Tea & Coffee House
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215 Field End Rd,
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Where are you based?
We are based in the UK but our team is international and the perks of online business is that we can work from anywhere! Although we currently present ourselves as a UK business we are hoping to soon have our own permanent location in London and explore the potential European Market
How can I get in touch?
We are here for all sorts of support. You can reach us on our email: Or on Instagram in Direct Messages @vaxx_coffee For any Marketing & PR queries please contact Anna & Anastasia: and For any wholesale and B2B inquiries get in touch with Vas at
How do they work
Our promotions are only valid for 1 use per customer (that includes name, email, phone number and address). Only applies to new customers. If you have used the promo code and do not fall into this category our team will either refund you or contact you directly.