VAXX is an anonymous persona; fearless, unapologetic, experimental. We wanted to disrupt the usual coffee routine, digitalise the experience and break some rules along the way.

VAXX started as a feeling.We were VAXXed on coffee, driven to develop a concept that would suit those who are always on the go. Whether your life-style is long hours at work, intense social gatherings or balancing work and childcare - we wanted to fuel you with energy. VAXX is about disrupting the original. Coffee is not only about latte art and endless conversations on the bench with an Instagramable avo toast. It’s about hitting you with a dose of high quality coffee that will help you get your shit done throughout the day.As a start-up we only have begun our journey, but it is one that we are incredibly excited about and we can’t wait to see where VAXX will take us.



VAXX is for people that don’t want anything to stand in their way, especially when it comes to coffee.

We’ve created a subscription-based coffee brand, to deliver fresh speciality coffee straight to your door. Every season we hand pick the best speciality coffee from independent farmers from the best coffee regions around the world.We know how much coffee means to people. That’s why our main focus is subscription. It is aimed to keep your caffeine dosage high and constant! Fully flexible. No Fuss.



Disrupt and innovate the coffee industry. If someone is prepared to embark on a journey into space that will be VAXX.

In the meantime while we are still on Earth, we want to make your online experience with us as easy as possible. We’ve built our online subscription delivery service to be tailored entirely upon your addiction levels and personal caffeine dosage requirements. Whether your life-style is long hours at work, intense social gatherings, balancing work and childcare at home, we want to power your day with a moment that will take you somewhere far away and energise you.