All of our coffees belong to the category of Speciality Coffee.

Well, the term Speciality Coffee does not only refer to the beans themselves or to the quality of the final product. It’s related to the entirety of the supply chain, and it regards many more aspects than taste alone.

Our coffee is seasonal, which means we always have the best and freshest beans of the month in stock. That does mean however that once your favourite coffee goes, it goes! But don’t worry we keep releasing new and exciting ones for you to try.

All of our coffees have a Speciality Grade of 85+. That’s another reason why you should try our coffee!

We source our coffee solemnly from family run farms in South America, who we have close ties with.


Freshly roasted from East London straight to your door. As simple as that.

Most of our coffees are medium roast. Meaning they: are balanced/ preserve intrinsic flavours of the beans/ suitable for any device/ perfect for home brewing

However, we do love a bit of experimenting! Our Brazil has a medium-dark roast, which is perfect for espresso extraction as the machines fully extract the caramelised sugars