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Our Signature Blend

Vasiliy, his experiments and our signature blend.

Since the day I first met him back in 2014, our Vasiliy has always been fond of experimenting with new ideas. I remember our Barista days together, working behind the coffee machine. Vas was always busy mixing hot chocolate with different spices, attempting layered shots of espresso (“It’s like an affogato shot!” this line from him suddenly came up to mind as I’m writing this), or simply modifying the house espresso recipe (incurring in the fury of our at the time Head Barista!). He would  always offer free samples and ask for customers feedback, which I don’t remember ever being negative. He would always try to balance all the flavours involved, and always pick few but well thought ingredients. Maybe sometimes more than a few, but after a taste or two he would always go back to two or maximum three elements.

That is, in a nutshell, what happened with our signature blend. Vas got inspired, tried many ideas mixing a lot of different coffees together, but in the end, as always, it reduced everything to one or two good things that are truly meant to be together!


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By adding the fruitiness and bright notes of a washed Colombian Coffee (Colombia El Plan) to the dark sweetness of a Brazilian dried on tree natural (Brazil Montecristo) in the right proportions (76% Colombia 24% Brazil) Vasily created what we nicknamed the “Spaghetti Bolognese of Coffee”. Simply everyone loves it!

Like always with Vas, the secret is in the balance of flavours. No matter what type of coffee drinker you are, we can bet you will just love our blend! A full bodied, caramel like espresso, with subtle and bright notes of blackcurrant, that goes all milk-chocolatey when he meets a drop of milk and turns into a cortado or flat white. It is our signature flavour because we believe that coffee should be enjoyed by everyone, and that’s really what our blend is all about.


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Now the question is, are Vaxx and Vas done with experimenting? The answer is most certainly not! Keep following us to see what we come up with!


– Fabio Ungaro

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