Our first African coffee - Ethiopia

Our first African coffee - Ethiopia


If you like heavy and intense florals with some herbal characteristics, we have a very good news for you!

Ethiopia Bombe is our first African Coffee, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. 

This coffee comes from the region of Sidama, and it’s the result of the work of 750 small independent farmers who only provide their best beans to the Bombe washing station, where coffee is processed. All the farmers lots are very small, 2-5 hectares max, and all work organically.


bombe coffee ethiopia vaxx

Speaking of processing, this is a natural coffee, and its cupping profile is perfect for the more adventurous coffee drinker:  intensely tropical, well balanced with dark sugars and juicy stonefruit. flavour notes of toffee, honey, juicy apricot, and peach. We decided to go for a medium roast, in order to maintain the complex and natural flavours of the beans intact, and at the same time enhance the toffee/caramel component of it. This coffee is ideal for Chemex, V60 and filter coffee in general, and we guarantee it’s going to be a very memorable drinking experience! 

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