Bolivia El Arcangel and Pedro Rodríguez

Bolivia El Arcangel and Pedro Rodríguez

Here are some interesting facts about our second new entry, Bolivia El Arcangel:

Finca El Arcangel is part of the Fincas Los Rodríguez project, run by the Rodriguez Family, which is also the owner of Finca El Arcangel. Their family run company, Agricafe, is a pioneer of Specialty coffee in South America. The company initially entered the coffee industry in 1986, when Pedro Rodriguez decided to pursue his passion for Agriculture. They currently produce coffee from their own farms and source high-quality micro lots from small producers in the regions of Los Yungas and Santa Cruz. 


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Having witnessed and lived all the ups and downs of Bolivian Specialty Coffee for over 34 years, Pedro felt the necessity to move the industry towards sustainability and modernization. For this reason and with the help of his son Pablo and his daughter Daniela, he has started the Fincas Los Rodríguez project. The project was  successful in introducing new standards for coffee production in Bolivia. Its practical aim is to modernise farms and coffee plantations following the latest development in Agronomy, and also use them as training facilities for other farmers who can visit and learn about modern coffee agronomy, harvesting and processing methods. They achieved remarkable results in the areas of water footprint reduction, disease prevention, farm planning and farmers training. Concerning the latter aspect, the project involves the Sol De La Mañana program, a 7 years long study plan aimed at providing local producers with the skills and training necessary to improve the quality of their farms.


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We are proud to say that our El Arcangel is also a product of this successful and ambitious project. Apart from being managed according to the high standards set by Pedro and his family, Finca El Arcangel also has the advantage of being located in the Bolivian Amazon. This perfect combination of fertile soil, microclimate and altitude makes this coffee naturally super sweet and creamy! We chose a very delicate dark roast precisely in order to further develop its natural body and provide you with even more creaminess! This coffee is perfect both as a V60 and as an Espresso, ideal for a morning brew. 


Last but not least, the name Arcangel was inspired by a huge tree that dominated the centre of the farm until recently, looking over and protecting it, just like an angel.


- Fabio Ungaro

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