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Starter Hero

Starter Hero

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Now is your time to shine!

Easiest and no-fuss way to come in our shop and purchase a tasty ass brew.

How it works:

We will send you a gift card via email *might take 24hrs to approve the transaction* to be used ONLY in our Battersea location.

Once you receive your gift card, add it to your phone wallet and show QR code when you make a purchase in our shop. 

The amount will then be deducted and you will see your new balance.

You get extra cash to spend as you save on transaction fees in the long run (also because we are generous towards coffee lovers).

You get:

Redeemable in-store QR code voucher

20% Extra Cash

5% Cash Back in Points for online purchases

QR-Wallet Cash

0% Card Fees

Terms of use

VAXX QR Cash cannot be redeemed to purchase another gift card. If so, we will cancel your order and the remaining balance will be deducted.

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