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Myanmar Pa-O


Burmese Tease

Thanks to the combination of Natural and Anaerobic processing, as well as the several varietals used during production, this wonderful coffee is characterised by a complex fruitiness with notes of Berry, Plum and Black Currant  which deepen and complete its natural sweetness.


REGION: Pa-O Villages, Myanmar

ROAST: Light


PROCESS: Natural Aerobic


This wonderful and unique coffee comes from Pa-O (Self-Administered zone) and it's villages (All the villages are in the Pinlaung Township. The villages names are Wa Lee, Wa Ran, Pein Nay Gone, Pingalar and Ta Ngo). 730 small families scattered around the Pa-O Villages.

Behind the Leaf Coffee buys ripe cherries the day they are picked and do all the processing (wet mill and dry mill) at their coffee farm and factory in Ta Ngo village, Pinlaung Township, southern Shan State, Myanmar.

Behind the Lead Coffee exists to give opportunity to the Pa-O people of Myanmar through agricultural education and fair wage. They teach coffee management to independent coffee farmers with anything from one to one hundred trees in their care and provide a market for their coffee cherries by introducing their coffee to the world. 

Best served on V60.

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