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Kenya Gulmarg Estate

Kenya Gulmarg Estate

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Intensely Tropical

If you like heavy and intense florals with some mineral and smokey characteristics, this is the coffee for you. Tasting notes of cloudy lemonade, black grape, orangeade. 

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REGION: Kiambu, Kenya

ROAST: Light

ALTITUDE: 1500-1600 MASL

PROCESS: Anaerobic Natural


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This is a anaerobic natural coffee, and its cupping profile is perfect for the more adventurous coffee drinker:  intensely tropical, well balanced with dark sugars and juiciness. We decided to go for a light roast, in order to maintain the complex and natural flavours of the beans intact, and at the same time enhance the smoky after taste component of it. This coffee is ideal for Chemex, V60 and filter coffee in general, and we guarantee it’s going to be a very memorable drinking experience! 

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