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Colombia Riocofre

£9.50 £12.00

Sweet Velvety Dream 

Take your taste buds on a smooth, chocolatey, caramelly dream. This is a unique coffee as it is honey processed, read more about honey processing here.

Best brewed on filter devices such as V60 and Chemex.


REGION: Cauca, Colombia

ROAST: Medium Prailine Roast




The Riocofre farm  is located 12km awa from Popayán, the Capital of the Cauca Department. The farm attaches particular importance to the concept of biodiversity: all their coffee lots are grown under the shade of native plants and they are delimited by two natural water channels and by the Rio Cofre (Cofre River), thus preserving the natural biodiversity of the area (native plants, insects, mammals, herbs etc.)

The farm is conducted upon the rules of ACEC (Asociación de Caficultores Ecológicos del Cauca) to meet the standars of BCS -OKO.

After fermentation, the beans are de-pulped and washed lightly in order to leave some of the mucilage on (honey process), then sent to dry.