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VAXX Blend



Rich N’ Bodylicious

Our signature coffee. The clash of Brazil and Colombia beans brings out a full bodied coffee perfect for espresso. Expect caramel and blackcurrant notes. 

Brazil 76% + Colombia 24%

Read more about our blend here.


REGION: Minas Gerais, Brazil / Cauca, Colombia

ROAST: Medium Dark Roast


PROCESS: Dried on tree / Washed


 We are very proud to call this our signature blend. It took a lot of trial and error to create this perfect brew. 

We found the perfect match by adding the fruitiness and bright notes of a washed Colombian Coffee (Colombia El Plan) to the dark sweetness of a Brazilian dried on tree natural (Brazil Montecristo) in the right proportions (76% Colombia 24% Brazil).

VARIETY: Red Catuai (76%)+ Castillo (24%)

FARMS: Daterra (Brazil) + El Plan (Colombia)

This is our most popular House Blend we supply to coffee shops. 

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