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Brazil Monte Cristo

Brazil Monte Cristo

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Luna de Flores

One of the most versatile coffees, Monte Cristo is a fine representation of the best of the traditional Cerrado style: notes of chocolate, chocolate, and chocolate. Ok besides chocolate, you'll also find stone fruits and pecan nuts. As a single origin, it makes a syrupy espresso, but it's also a great base to blend with something brighter or on its own as a filter.

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REGION: Patrocínio, Brazil

ROAST: Medium 


PROCESS: Natural, Dried On Tree


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Also known as "Cerrado Natural", this process means that the cherries were left on the trees for a longer time, allowing them to go through the full maturation process and dry while still attached to the branch. This processing technique is only possible if the weather is very dry and stable during harvest - in fact, in many regions, allowing coffee to dry on the tree could be a big problem: the excess moisture can contribute to fungal growth and other micro-organisms. Because of Cerrado's unique traits, this process is possible - which is great, as it brings very positive attributes to the cup: tree-dried naturals are usually characterised by a heavy body and extra-intense sweetness.

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